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Sustainable Profile Coffee - Brazil

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Sustainable Profile Coffee - Brazil

Sustainable Profile Coffee - Brazil

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Sustainable Profile Coffee - from Fazenda Esperança in Brazil

Together with our partner farmer Bruno Souza from Fazenda Esperança in Brazil, we have started a project with the aim to research how we can create a truly Sustainable Value Chain between Farmer and Coffee Roaster.

This project started after we asked Bruno what we can do to create more value for him. His answer, buy a larger range of my coffee. 

Location: Brazil
Farm: Fazenda Esperança 
Producer: Bruno Souza
Varietal: Rubi
Growing Altitude: 1200 masl
Processing Method: Natural
Harvest: 2019
Roast Profile: Medium (creating a rich and sweet character) works for Espresso & Filter
Flavor Notes: Yellow Plums, Milk Chocolate, and Roasted hazelnuts.

Read more about our sustainable profile.