April Coffee Roasters



The story behind why April does capsule coffee starts in Paris. I was sitting down having a coffee with some local coffee professionals. One of them, a gentleman in his 40's that works for a big industrial company takes out a pack of capsules and puts on the table in front of him. Next, to him sits a barista with a reputation of being very good at what he does and being incredibly nerdy in his approach. The barista almost immediately says that there is no way that the capsules can taste good. I, being curious of the product makes a bet with the barista. I tell him that in two years time I will walk into his shop and serve him a capsule coffee that tastes better than his Espresso. 

And here we are 9 months later and our Nespresso compatible capsules are in full production and they are among the very top of the best tasting capsules on the market. 

A big part of April is about exploring how we can make coffee taste better and that goes for every category of coffee that we are drinking and will be drinking in the future.

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What can you expect from the capsules in terms of taste? 

We want our capsules coffee to have a very clear flavor structure - you should be able to taste the origin of the coffee - with a buttery body and a lot of sweetness. 

Tips for brewing: 

1. Use bottled water that you fill up every time you brew. It keeps the water fresher and improves the quality of the brew - tap water can sometimes be very bad to brew coffee with depending on where you are in the world. 

2. I exclusively recommend brewing "short" version since I believe that is the format where the capsule coffee is tasting the best.