Coffee Shop

The April wholesale program is divided into two different parts, Multi and Single. For both parts, the aim is to grow together with our clients. We believe that the only sustainable way to grow a business is together with others.
The goal with April is not to be everywhere but to work with a selection of clients around the world that are as committed to the highest possible quality standard as we are. 
April will stay a coffee roastery, not a coffee shop. The reason for that is that we believe in focusing and mastering one skill. Therefore, we are extra excited to help you and your coffee shop as much as we can. 

We recognize the fact that most coffee shops are working with multiple roasters around the world. We can appreciate the diversity and dynamic that it brings and would always be interested in being a part of that. 

For our exclusive collaborations - clients that commit to working 100% with April Coffee  - we offer a different offer- and price list. A volume based kick-back program every 6 month depending on volume. This is the foundation of how we want to work. Once a collaboration like this reaches a certain volume we can offer you exclusivity in your city together with frequent visits and promotion projects. 

This is how the process works
1. You always have the opportunity to order home samples from April. All samples come in 50g bags with instruction on how to brew and taste them. 
2. All orders and communication go via  
3. All invoices are paid via bank transfer after invoice. 
4. Global delivery takes between 3 - 7 days depending on where in the world you are. 
5. The deadline for orders is Monday's at 12:00 (local time Copenhagen). 
6. Roasting and shipping out is done on Tuesday's. 
7. When signing up for a Wholesale Account we will need your invoice and delivery details.