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We ship out orders every Tuesday. With the deadline for ordering on Sundays at 18:00 (CET).
We ship out orders every Tuesday. With the deadline for ordering on Sundays at 18:00 (CET).


We recommend a few simple rules that will make you more in control of your espresso brewing. 

1. Let the roasted coffee be at least 7 days old before your brew it. This will help you be much more consistent when you brew and it will taste better. An open bag should be used within three weeks. 
2. Always use -2g of coffee as the size of your filter basket. You will normally find the size (in grams) on the outside rim. (We recommend working with a ridgeless VST filter) 
3. Pay attention when tamping the coffee. It needs to be a level bead every time. We recommend working with Pullman's "Tampsure" products. 
4. Always measure everything. (1) The amount of dry dose in your filter basket, (2) the amount of volume in your espresso (in grams), and (3) the amount of time it takes from start to finish. These are all guidelines that will make your coffee taste better. 
5. Brewing temperature between 92-95'C with a setting of 8-9 bar pressure. No pre-infusion or pressure profiling. 
6. Brewing ratios can and should differ between beans. As a general rule, we recommend a ratio of 1:2,3 for our beans (Ex. 20g dry dose x 2,3 = 46g volume) and an extraction time of 28 seconds. Even do this will most likely leave you with a good espresso, we still believe in custom-making recipes. These will be available for each coffee further down on this page. 
7. Sticking with this for our beans will give you an average TDS of 8-8,5% and an extraction around 21-22%.
8. An espresso without milk will almost always taste better if you (1) let it rest for one minute from when it is served and (2) stir it with a spoon before you drink it. The result will be a sweeter and more balanced taste experience. 
9. Always work with a clean machine. You can taste it. Still today one of the main reasons why it is difficult to enjoy a tasty espresso is the fact that the machines are not being cleaned properly. We recommend that you clean your machine once an hour during service to make sure that your guest gets tasty and clean coffee.