April Coffee Roasters


We believe that working with restaurants around the world is very interesting. We believe in attention to detail and the strive to always get better. 
April will stay a coffee roaster, not a coffee shop. The reason for that is that we believe in focusing and mastering one skill. 

Whole beans 
We offer our full range of April Coffee as Filter, Espresso, and Espresso with milk. There is also the opportunity for us to source and prepare custom coffee only for your restaurant exclusively. 

For the last 9 months, we have invested in trying to make the tastiest capsule coffee possible and we are getting damn close. Our capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines. This is for those of you that want a very consistent and easy way to brew coffee but still wants the best quality. 

Training, Concept & Machinery 
We would be happy to help you create a coffee service that fits well with your concept and ambition at the restaurant. Furthermore, we do training as well as referencing some of the best machinery in the world. We can help you get everything you need in place as well as gear and education that make your brewing easier and more consistent. 

This is how the process works
1. You always have the opportunity to order home samples from April. All samples come in 50g bags with instruction on how to brew and taste them. 
2. All orders and communication go via patrikrolf@aprilcoffeeroastery.com.  
3. All invoices are paid via bank transfer after invoice. 
4. Global delivery takes between 3 - 7 days depending on where in the world you are. 
5. The deadline for orders is Monday's at 12:00 (local time Copenhagen). 
6. Roasting and shipping out is done on Tuesday's. 
7. When signing up for a Wholesale Account we will need your invoice and delivery details. 
Contact us via patrikrolf@aprilcoffeeroastery.com for inquiry.