April Coffee Roasters

Whole Bean

For us it is important to work with the best ingredients we can find. When it comes to coffee that means Specialty Graded Green Beans. These beans are grown with attention to detail and love. They are picked by hand and processed in a way that highlights the character of the coffee. This is done by some of the most dedicated farmers and producers around the world. 

For our Whole Bean range, we have divided our products into the following different categorize: 

Filter, Espresso, Milk Espresso and Automatic. 

After years of experience of roasting, we find it important to customize as much as we can when aiming for the best possible quality in each category.

Here follows a description of each category:


When it comes to Filter Coffee we are looking for a clean and transparent cup of coffee that showcases the origin in the best possible way. The goal is to showcase a coffee without displaying any negative flavors from the roasting process - that can refer to both under- and over roast.  


All of our Espresso would fall under the category of "Modern Espresso". The machinery we work with today in terms of brewing enables us to push the idea of roasting for espresso. We want it clean, sweet and with a buttery mouthfeel. A good espresso has a great structure to it without becoming too heavy or dry - balance is key and we welcome acidity but makes sure it is balanced up with sweetness. 

Milk Espresso 

This is a concept that we have worked on for a long time. The dynamic of your espresso changes when you pour milk into it. Something that for us is obvious. In our attempt to make as tasty coffee as possible and knowing that most people in the world drink espresso with milk we launched a range of Espresso that we believe to be extra suitable for milk drinks. The quality of green coffee is just as high as our Filter and Espresso range but the balance and acidity structure is different. The roasting focuses on optimizing body and sweetness while still retaining flavor clarity. 


Earlier this year we did a special collaboration with the German Kitchen Brand Gaggenau, where we created a special blend for their new fully automatic coffee machine. You can read more about it here: 


That led to us being asked to supply coffee for a new concept at the World of Coffee Event in Budapest, "A touch of Excellence". An area that wanted to showcase that you can make tasty coffee with a fully automatic machine. We thought it was a great opportunity and were truly amazed by the result. You can read more via this link: 


Furthermore, we are now working on more projects where we optimize quality for the different brewing systems that comes with fully automatic machines. 

The conclusion is that we here at April focuses on individualizing our roasting approach as much as possible for the brewing method. We do that because we know that is how you get the best result and we want the best result.