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Acaia Pearl S White Acaia Pearl S White Acaia Pearl S White Acaia Pearl S White

April Coffee Roasters

Acaia Pearl S White

Acaia Pearl S White

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Acaia Pearl S White - Smart Coffee Scale

At April, we believe that accuracy and precision are fundamentals of coffee brewing. We expect that the tools that we use when brewing will assist us in our pursuit to produce dynamic and interesting flavour experiences with coffee, and that the data that they relay and feedback to us is useful, prompt and precise.

Furthermore, we want to make these tools accessible to our partners and followers so that everybody in our community has access to train using the gear that we train with on a daily basis. We utilise these tools in our media content, giving all viewers the opportunity to interact with the content and replicate our recipes at home. Ultimately, we have confidence in the superior quality of these products and we believe in sharing the tools we value the most within our community.

The new Pearl Model S, an electronic and Bluetooth enabled scale, is designed for serious home brewers.

The Model S features a built-in interactive brewing guide. With its accompanying Brewguide app, roasters can input recommended recipes and home brewers can transfer them into the scale. From there, all you need to do is follow the prompts on the scale, no app necessary.

  • LED display: changed to dot matrix to support three different font sizes and an alpha-numeric display.
  • Capacity: Increased capacity to 3 kg to compensate for those long Chemex brews.
  • Internal components: The support structure inside changed from plastic to metal. This means that the top will be more reinforced and the scale a little heavier. We also cleaned up the wiring to make parts and repairs easier.
  • Brightness levels: Four different options- low, medium, high, bright