Espresso - El Salvador - Marina Cumbre

By April Coffee Roasters


Character: A well balanced and sweet espresso with emphasis on the great tactile quality and fruity flavor notes.  

Origin: El Salvador - Cordillera El Balsamo, the central mountain belt.

Producer: Mr. Alejandro Duarte.

Variety: Washed Bourbon.

Growing Altitude: 1550 meters above sea level.

Harvest: January - April 2017.

Flavor description: Chocolate, Red fruit, and Raisin. 

Delivery: Roasting and shipping are done on Tuesday's. To make sure that your order will be included in the upcoming Tuesday the order must be in by the latest Monday 12:00 (Local time Copenhagen). Shipping time will be between 3 - 7 days.  

Mr. Alejandro Duarte conserves a natural forest in the middle part of the farm that is situated along the central mountain range in El Salvador. The farm reaches up to 70 hectares with plenty of native shade trees around. It is a beautifully clean and chocolaty coffee with distinct notes of cherry. It's balanced- and tactile quality makes a great espresso.  

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