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*If you live in Copenhagen you have the option of emailing us and schedule a pick-up in our roastery at Refshaløen, and with that avoid paying for shipping. Please email us at patrikrolf@aprilcoffeeroastery.com for inquiries. 


El Salvador

The reputation of specialty coffee grown and harvested in El Salvador has certainly been on the rise over past few years, with many quoting the introduction of Cup of Excellence in 2003 as a major turning point for El Salvador as a producing nation. The country boasts rich volcanic soils and a wealth of varietals, with Typica, Bourbon and Pacas hybrids commonly found. The famed Pacas/Maragogype hybrid Pacamara was developed by the nations own institute of coffee research, an incredibly important development considering the historic outbreaks of coffee leaf rust in El Salvador's recent past. The taste profiles of El Salvadorian coffee can vary greatly, however, we often find particularly rich and rounded characters featuring soft well-structured acidity and a distinctly dense sweetness.


Location: Santa Ana, Apaneca Ilamatepeque
Process Station: Las Cruces
Producer: Jose Antonio Salaverria & Sons
Varietal: Bourbon, Pacas
Growing Altitude: 1580 masl
Processing Method: Washed
Harvest: December 2017 - February 2018
Product: Milk Espresso
Flavour Notes: Nougat, Red Berries & Tropical Fruit


Location: Santa Ana, Apaneca Ilamatepeque
Process Station: Las Cruces
Producer: Jose Antonio Salaverria & Sons
Varietal: Bourbon, Pacas
Growing Altitude: 1580 masl
Processing Method: Washed Processed
Harvest: December 2017 - February 2018
Product: Filter & Espresso
Flavour Notes: Milk Chocolate & Butter Biscuits