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*If you live in Copenhagen you have the option of emailing us and schedule a pick-up in our roastery at Refshaløen, and with that avoid paying for shipping. Please email us at patrikrolf@aprilcoffeeroastery.com for inquiries.



Whilst Guatemala is a relatively small coffee producing nation, the stature of its reputation for quality precedes itself. With coffee growing active in 20 of the nations 22 departments, the output of this small Central American nation is remarkable and the country benefits from as many as 300 unique microclimates. Currently, up to 98% of the coffee in the country is shade grown, with the majority of lots washed processed. With harvesting commencing from very late in the year (November-March) you can expect to find us working with Guatemalan coffee throughout the summer months.


Location: San Antonio La Paz, El Progreso
Process Station: Beneficio La Esperanza
Producer: Higinio Gomez
Varietal:  Pacamara
Growing Altitude: 17-1900 MASL
Processing Method: Washed
Harvest: Mars - April 2018
Product: Filter and Espresso
Flavour Notes: Honey, Cantelope & Florals