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We work with clients around the world that we believe share our passion for quality. The idea with April is not to be everywhere but to work with like minded people that aim to serve great coffee. The only sustainable way to grow is together with others.


We believe that where you are matters it shapes you as a person and a company. The location of April is not a coincidence. April is an extension of my interpretation of Copenhagen.

Meet the team

Patrik Rolf to the right with Joseph Fisher to the left. "Building the April team is just as interesting and rewarding as the roasting process. One can not work without the other and we believe in the strength of a team" - Patrik Rolf, Founder

Coffee with April

A video journal where we explore the future of Specialty Coffee and share what we do here at April. 

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Welcome to the April Membership Club. This is for coffee lovers around the globe that share our passion for quality and wants a unique insight in what we do here at April.

April Product RANGE

April filter coffee should be clean and transparent. We work with the best farmers in the world and we roast on a Loring Smart Roast based in Copenhagen.

Filter Coffee

We aim for our Filter Coffee to be as clean and transparent in taste as possible. You should be able to taste all the hard work that goes into it. All the way from seed to cup.

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We are taking Espresso in to the modern time. A good espresso is juicy, clean and buttery. You can enjoy your April Espresso around the world.


We work with two different approaches "Espresso" and "Milk Espresso". Each individualised to get the best possible taste experience for your espresso drink.

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Capsule Coffee

We have developed a top of the line Nespresso Compatible Capsule product that makes it easier than ever before to have tasty coffee at home, at work or in your restaurant.

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Automatic Coffee

We are currently working on perfecting a choice of green coffee and roasting approach to fit well with Automatic Coffee Machines.

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Event Coffee

Are you looking for a strong Coffee Roastery to generate extra value for your brand during events? We could help.

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Leo is owner of ON'AIR in Shanghai. One of our favourite coffee shops in the world. A beautiful quality focused coffee shop. Great coffee, great people and a great space.
"Working with April, we can taste the true artisanship and perfectionism in coffee roasting, which translates into a clean, transparent and delicate cup. To me, just like architects strives for design prefections and fine details."

– Leo Huang L - owner at ON'AIR in Shanghai and designer

We ship worldwide. And we ship fast. Most of the world will get our coffee within 7 days if not faster. This is Maxwell that owns Narrative Coffee in Washington. He was very happy with our 3 day delivery time.
Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. Coffee from you came in two days after roast. It usually takes about 8 days to come from the Eastern part of the US. Absolutely phenomenal.

– Maxwell Mooney - owner at Narrative Coffee in Washington U.S.

"There were origin characteristics present in a coffee pod! Drinking the 40ml was not just good “for a pod” or even just a good cup of coffee, it was a very good cup of distinctively Kenyan coffee."

– Zac Cadwalader - news editor at Sprudge Media Network

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