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Introducing Our Compostable Coffee Capsules

Two years of research and testing has allowed us to launch our new Capsule Coffee Range. Our focus is on highlighting the Taste experience that our partner-farmers creates through their work. 

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April Media

Learn more about all things Coffee & Follow our conversations with industry leaders.

We believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and experience with the industry.


April Pour Over

It's been two years in the making, testing prototypes and receiving the highest cup score in the World Brewers Cup 2019.

We just finished our Kickstarter Campaign resulting in a 645% funding and more than 1000 units sold around the world.

We are now planning for our launch in early 2020.

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We are April. We believe that where you are matters it shapes you as a person and a company. The location of April is not a coincidence. April is an extension of our interpretation of Copenhagen.

The April Brewer

A new way to brew coffee at home, inspired by professionals.

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