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Training Log by Erik Liao - My current competition brewing recipe

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

Erik Training Log #00 This log, I want to talk about my training in the competition recipe setting. Recently, I’ve been practicing different brewing methods. I’m using the V60 modified version, a V60 clever drip version. The mix of immersion and filter brew allows me to have more things to try. I want to get a better acidity for this practice, especially evaluating the acidity when the coffee is cold. So my current recipe is like the following: 20g of coarse grind coffee with EK43, setting 11. 0:00 Immersion, Bloom with 40g of 92c water. 0:40 Filter, 60g of 90c circular pour. 1:30 Filter, 100g of 85c gentle center pour. 2:15 Filter, 100g of 85c gentle center pour. 3:00, Finish....

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