April Coffee Roasters

April Athlete: Erik Liao

Name: Erik Liao

Country: Taiwan

Company: 19 Coffee Roasting Lab

Competing In: Taiwan Brewers Cup 2020

Bio: In 2017, the team first competed for the first year in brewers cup and ended up the third for national. After the competition, we were a little bit frustrated with the resource we had and decided to join a green bean project called “Tri-Up.” Nowadays, we manage to source some amazing coffee around the world. In 2018, I competed in the Brewers cup myself. Two years in a roll, I manage to consistently get second place in the tbrewers cup in Taiwan ;) Nowadays, the team focuses a lot in finding the connections in the industry chain and hopefully to pay effort to improve every single part. 2017/2018 Taiwan brewers cup 2017/18 Taiwan Aeropress Championship

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