April Coffee Roasters


365,00 kr

*If you live in Copenhagen you have the option of emailing us and schedule a pick-up in our roastery at Refshaløen, and with that avoid paying for shipping. Please email us at patrikrolf@aprilcoffeeroastery.com for inquiries. 


We are doing an exclusive T-Shirt collaboration with the Berlin-based underwear manufacturing company Merz B. Schwanen. According to us, they make some of the best t-shirts in the world and is something that I (Patrik Rolf) have been wearing every day for multiple years.  

This is not your average T-shirt. When we decided we wanted to make one it was important for us that the quality would be as high as our coffee, so we decided to work with the best. 

The model of the T-shirt is inspired is a classic 1950's crew neck. One of the best models ever made and truly timeless in style. 

The product is 100% made in Germany.


Did you try our Filter Drip Packs yet?

Filter Drip Packs are our latest project.

Made for those that want to be able to enjoy a great cup of

Filter Coffee wherever they go. 

Get The Drip Pack Checkout
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