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Training Log #6 by Pinar Aktepe - It helps to have coach

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

I was preparing for the competitions before without a coach, and it was really difficult, I think there should definitely be someone who will try the coffee with you, offer alternatives and different perspectives, help you get better and tell you when something isn't right. Having someone with you who believes in you and helps you make you more confident. It's actually a big responsibility to take because you don't want to screw up what the person in front of you is giving you.

Working with a coach has helped me a lot. I can say I now have a more extensive range of profiles and understanding for coffee. I guess I didn't know what I was doing before :) I obviously don't have any knowledge of roasting and the fact that my coach is also roaster gives me an advantage. I try delicious coffee, which I think is the most enjoyable part. :) and I've met a lot of new people.

I'm learning a lot of new information. I am not confident in my English skills, I find it difficult to compose the right sentences when writing presentations, and the support I receive in this regard is very important to me as well. If you look at it, it's all really valuable information, and in the end, it makes you enjoy learning that the job isn't just about competing.

I think working with a coach is a massive advantage in everything. In my country there is a saying, what's wrong with a hand there is a sound of two hands :) Thank you, Patrik. Thank You, April. I'm so happy to work with you!!

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