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Training Log by Lisa Zancanella - My current competition brewing recipe

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

In the past weeks, I’ve been training on different recipes, identifying the following variables:

coffee/water dosage
Water temperature
Total brew time
Grind size
Number of pours
Water quality

I’ve been using the same coffee for all the training, in order to have always the same taste reference as a base, also, the same water, method (v60) and roast profile. The only variables changing were the dose of coffee and water, grind size, water temperature, and total brew time.

The starting point for every recipe was to decide which variable gives strength and which gives clarity to my coffee: Where does the strength come from? Where does the clarity come from? I’ve been practicing with a Colombian Pink Bourbon from Round Hill Roastery and I absolutely wanted to highlight its high sweetness and juiciness; the strength traits have been enhanced by the dose.

I used 16gr of coffee for 250gr of water; this proportion allows me to have a not too diluted cup. The pours. 100gr in the preinfusion, using circular pours for 10”; at 1’ 50gr poured in 5” against the walls of the filter to extract all the grounds; ultimately, at 1’30” the last 100gr of water poured in 10” again in circular movements. This recipe allows me to pour always when the previous brewed water drained all the way into the server.

Also, it intensifies the viscosity and the structure of the coffee. The next step is to identify what brings clarity to the cup: The grind size is medium/large, which brings brightness and cleanliness. The water temperature (the variable together with the grind size I play the most with) is set at 88 degrees Celsius.

This low temperature enhances the acidity and the juiciness of this specific coffee. Last but not least, the total brew time is of 2’30”, which makes for a smooth and incredibly sweet, long aftertaste.

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