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Training Log by Muhammad Fakhri - How Expensive is it to compete?

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How Expensive Is It To Compete?

At the end of 2016, when I decided to join the IBrC (Indonesia Brewers Cup). I realized that as a homebrewer, we must have our competition tools because it is different from a barista who can use the equipment in his shop to be used in competition. Then I started to save money and every month when I got my salary I used to buy equipment one by one. From the start of purchase kettle, dripper, then scale, to hand grinder like Comandante. The total price of all the tools that I have is around 1050 USD. For approximately 1.5 years, I used to buy the tools needed in the competition. Even when I first started in the competition in 2018, there were still things I borrowed from friends like glass for the judges.

In the 2018 competition, I was very lucky because I got free roasted beans from my friends. In the regional round, where participants were required to use local Indonesian coffee, I was given free coffee of Puntang Typica Fullwashed from West Jawa. The beans won me third place in the Western regional round. During the national round when we were allowed to use coffee beans from other countries, I was lucky enough to have my hands on Colombia Cerro Azul AAA Fullwashed for free which was given by my friend. Furthermore thanks to this coffee I earned me 8th place at IBrC 2018.

Then when the competition in 2019, in the western regional round, I used local Indonesian coffee from West Java, namely Weninggalih Andungsari, which I bought roasted beans for one kilogram of 27 USD. I bought four kilograms so that the total that I paid was 108 USD. The beans won me the fifth place in the western regional round. In the national round, I bought 1 kilogram of Finca Nuguo Anaerobic Natural for 344 USD. I dare only to buy one kilogram because it uses an Ikawa machine, which is one roasting machine that can use 50 grams. The use of this Ikawa machine can make us save in competition. By only using 1 kilogram of Nuguo coffee, I managed to become the 2019 IBrC champion.

At present, there are many tools that make us more efficient. Like Ikawa, which can make us not need to buy a lot of coffee. Like the Comandante grinder that in my opinion, has the ability equivalent to EK43 so that we do not spend much to find a good grinder.



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