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Coffee with April Podcast Episode 3: Exploring some of the best Green Coffee from Guatemala with Exporter Nadine Rasch founder of Primavera Coffee

Posted by Patrik Rolf Karlsson on

 Nadine Rasch, founder of Primavera (Specialty Coffee producers from Guatemala)

We met up with Nadine in London, during the London Coffee Festival earlier this year. She had just flown in from Guatemala City where she lives and runs Primavera, a green coffee exporter focusing exclusively on some of the best Guatemalan coffee you can find. We have had the pleasure of visiting coffee farms in Guatemala together with Nadine and that was a great experience. If you are interested in Green Coffee from Guatemala Nadine is the one you should talk to.
In this conversation, we discuss how it was to set up a Green Coffee Export company, Coffee farming in Guatemala and a lot more. Our farmers are the most important part of this industry and this episode gives you a unique insight into what's happening on a farm level in Guatemala. 
In this Episode, we talk about:
- Starting up a Green Coffee Export Company 
- Where you can find the best coffee in Guatemala 
- How Primavera works with their farmers 
- Organic or not Organic Coffee? 
- Entrepreneurship 
- The future of Green Coffee 
Links, learn more about Nadine Rasch:

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