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Training Log #5 by David Train - How expensive is it to compete?

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

How much does it cost to compete?

This year, as an independent competitor I thought it appropriate to outlay the costs involved to compete just in the regional championship here in Australia.

I have purchased:

3 x Acaia Pearl (Black)
2 xBrewista Artisan Kettle (Matte Black)
1 x Comandante Grinder (Black)
Total: AUD $1170.58

I was lucky enough to get a discount from an online retailer here in Australia for all this equipment. I got this discount because I asked, it was roughly 25% off. To register to compete in the regional championship here is AUD $250.

Next, the cost for my competition coffee was AUD$162 a kilo, having bought 4.90kg. I am lucky enough to be sharing this with a friend. We've calculated with moisture loss, and batch size it will cost us AUD$9.20 every time we roast 40g on the ikawa.

Equipment: $1170.58
Ticket: $250
Coffee: $396.90
Total: AUD 1817.48

This does not include my minerals for creating water $50, and my drippers and decanters I have from other years. While these costs are relevant to the competition, and I can use the equipment forever, it is a lot of money to invest. If I do well enough to make it to Nationals, I will need to invest again for a new coffee, and another $250 to compete. 

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