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Training Log by Muhammad Fakhri - How to understand Customer Service in Brewers Cup

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

How does a Homebrewer like me learn aspects of customer service in the Brewers Cup?

Because I have never worked as a barista (until now), I have never known what basic services should be provided to customers, so they feel comfortable.

And when I decided to enter the competition, I was a little confused when learning the Customer Service aspects because I had never felt behind bars before. Even friends often scare me that it will be difficult to get a good Customer Service because I have a scary face, rarely smile, like to frown, etc.

Then in order to get good results in this aspect, I tried to go around the coffee shop and sit in front of the bar to observe and learn about what the baristas were doing so that I felt comfortable in their place (without disturbing their work of course), while watching videos of the champ such as Mikaela Wallgreen, Tetsu Kasuya, Chad Wang, etc. Afterward, it will be adjusted to the "Rules and Regulations." How is the result? I managed to score nine several times in the Indonesia Brewers Cup, but I haven't gotten a high score in the World Brewers Cup, this might happen because there are cultural differences. I think it still needs to do more research for future competitions.

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